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Entrepreneurship Accelerator - Kick-off

Today Entrepreneurship Accelerator project was officially launched.

The Project is co-financed from the Programme of Minister of Science and Higher Education - "Innovativeness Creator".


The MOST Foundation launched Entrepreneuria in 2012 as a project aimed at encouraging entrepreneurship among  scientific researchers in technology-related fields. The main stakeholders of the project are technical universities, which must encourage and provide a thriving culture for entrepreneurship in which scientists can turn their innovations and ideas into running start-ups. We target mainly PhD students and postdocs, as these groups have a solid academic background on which they can build and develop their network and combine competences. 

Three types of events are part of the Entrepreneuria concept. On one hand, seminars organized in cities with strong technological universities provide the participants with a solid start-up toolkit and inspire them by having on board mentors sharing their "success stories". Another type of event are the acceleration weekends, which allow an in-depth analysis of existing business ideas under the expert eye of the experts involved. Finally, the 2013 Entrepreneuria Summer School is aimed at providing more detailed training and mentoring to a selected community of young tech entrepreneurs 

In a nutshell, Entrepreneuria is about bridging the gap between research innovation and the marketplace and creating an innovation-driven community of aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs. For more information about the project or if you wish to become a partner of the project, please contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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